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In memory of Lance Hahn ( 1967-2007)
Lance had been working for many years on a book titled
'Let the Tribe Increase', interviewing bands  from the
UK 'anarchopunk' world of the 1980's, the project wasn't completed
and the interviews were serialised in the pages of
Maximum Rock n Roll  from 2001 to 2009 .

Here is as much of it as we could find compiled into one
handy volume for  convenience -  over 60 bands in 268 pages
thanks Mickey and Andy for their valuable assistance with this .

UPDATE:  There is a proper book in the pipeline 
on PM Press with all this stuff and likely more , so look out !



4 Minute War 1

Broken Bones, Heavy Discipline, Generic, Disrupters, Revulsion.


4 Minute War 3

Ripcord, Electro Hippies, Anihilated, Feed Your Head, Rhetoric, ENT,
Maximum Security, Autonomy, Arrogance, articles, more

11 Years On  9

Trimdon 1987 - Heimat Los, Deviated Instinct, Neighbourhood Watch,
Adrenalin O.D, a report of life on the other side of the iron curtain ,
pictures' for the hell of it ' , local roundup,  homebrew recipes , reviews and more ________________________________________________

Activate 1

Pontefract late 80s - Concrete Sox, Cowboy Killers, Cerebral Fix,
Anihilated, Lord Crucifier, Decadence Within..


Acts Of Defiance 3

Sunderland 1982 - Au Pairs, Outrage, Crass, Sussed, Dub Warriors,
Activist, articles, rants, collages, gig reviews.


Acts Of Defiance 4

Sunderland 1982 - Paralax, Dirt, The System, Reality Control,
Alternative,  gig reviews, zine reviews and an article on the Bunker,
the collectively run space that AoD folk were involved in.


Acts Of Defiance 5

Sunderland 1983 - Rubella Ballet, Meteors, Potential Threat,
Side Effects, Napalm Death, articles on glue sniffing,
nuclear power, the education system, collages, and the
1st comic strip of the 'grangetown anarcho punk gang' !


Acts of Defiance 6

Sunderland summer 1983 - Thatcher cover! Off, Sears,
 Southern Death Cult, Hagar the Womb
and the usual load of articles, reviews  and collages.

Acts of Defiance 7

Sunderland - late 1983  - Faction, Poison Girls,
Famous Imposters, also Annie Anxiety int and a
load more articles on a variety of topics

Allied Propaganda 8

London aug/ sept 83 - interviews with the Fall,
Shriekback, Ann Clark, the Committee and more..
including a whole load of zine reviews, articles
on a variety of stuff thats non music too.

Alternative Answer 2

Workington 1983ish  - Alternative, Statement,
UK Anarchists, Decontrol,
Omega Tribe, Two Minutes of Hate and more 



London, 1982 - Crass, Poison Girls ,
 articles - Barry Prosser, Strength through oi?
reform or counter revolution, nationalism and war,
letters , more

Axe of Freedom 2

Glasgow mid 80's  D & V, Contempt,
7th plague, Exit Stance, Sarcasm

Axe of Freedom 3

Glasgow mid 80's  - Degenerates, Oi Polloi,
Aftermath,  Toxic Waste, the Sears, Death Zone


Axe of Freedom 4

Glasgow mid 80s - Instigators, Disturbed,
Icons of Filth, Lost Cherees, Subhumans

Be Bad Be Glad 3

Bristol early 80s - Subhumans, Virus,
Bad Brains, Ashton Court festival...


Be Bad Be Glad 4

Bristol 1984 - Deformed, Iconoclasts, Ivor the Anarchist,
 Stop the City, Ramones, Drinking tips and more 


Bristol 1985 - 'How to Scream to the Rampton Song' ,
Hawkwind, 'Do the Funnel,' Ivor the Anarchist,
Cider, Metal, Motorhead, Disorder....


Bigger Problem Now 2

Co. Durham mid 80s  - Sears, Mau Maus ,
Icon AD , Instant Agony and more
_____________________________ ___________________

Blown to Bits 1

Chaos UK, Vicious Hamsters, Beki Bondage,
Court Martial, Destructors, Rabid


Blown to Bits 2

Bastards, Riot/Clone, Membranes, Granox,
Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Subhumans competition!
Ultra Violent, Chaotic Dischord

Blown to Bits 3

Impact, Disorder, Post Mortem,
Vice Squad, Iconoclasts

Blown to Bits 4

No Brain Cells, Deformed, Oi Polloi, Sadist,
Corpse, Varukers, English Dogs, Criminal Justice,
Xoset UK, Ted Heath, MWAB, OFI, Autumn Poison


Blown to Bits 5

Exploited, Uproar, Flux, Venom, Poems,
UK Subs, Death Zone


Brains Thinking 1

Conflict, Granox, Sadist, AOA, State Enemies,
Laughter in Heaven, Dirge, Varukers live


Brains Thinking 2

Varukers, Riot Squad, Deformed, Intasnt Agony,
Peter and the Test Tube Babies,
Mau Maus, Uproar, Abhor, Mania


Bring into Being 1

Plasmid, Disorder, Flux of Pink Indians,
Stagnant Era, Blood Robots,
Krondstadt Uprising, In Memoriam
plus articles poems and reviews


Cardboard Theatre 1

Whitby 1983 - interviews with Political Asylum,
UK Anarchists, Total Chaos, Screaming Dead, Blood Robots,
Xtract, Hagar the Womb. Some veggie / vegan texts,
Some reprints of flyers from Alternative, Apostles... ________________________________________________

Chemical Warfare 1

Instigators, Extreme Noise Terror, Dan, Sic Boy Federation,
Perfect Daze , cartoons poetry and more


Chemical Warfare 2

a 40 pager w/ Visions of Change, Rhetoric,
Anihilated, English Dogs,
Decadence Within, Ripcord, Crazyhead, Birdhouse,
reviews poems artwork and more


Children of the Revolution 5

Bristol 1984  squatters diary, Attila the Stockbroker,
DOA, V for Vendetta, Toxic Shock,Furry Dice !, more ..

Children of the Revolution 6

Bristol 1984 - all sorts of articles, cartoons,  collages,
information , contacts, and another episode of
'bristol squatters diary ' !

Codeye 1

Charlie Harper, HDQ, Red London, Disarm ,
Words of Warning records..
R.I.P Rob Codeye who died suddenly and
unexpectedly in December 2009, Boro legend! 

Crisis Point 2

Straight outta Surbiton :  Conflict, Chumbawamba,
Bad Dress Sense, Civilised Society?

Curfew 1

Port Talbot early 80s -  Subhumans , Alternative  ,
Birth Trauma, Shrapnel, Ethix, Slaughter Tradition, 
some articles and poems n stuff!

Dark Diamonds  2

late 80's leeds  - art poetry and prose , reviews
and more , a  celebration of creativity

Dark Diamonds 3 and 4

late 80s leeds - A collection of essays on
contemporary third world issues. 76 pages thick.

Deadbeat 2
Cringer, Fuel, Dissent,
Visions of Change and some photos too .

  late 80s -  Snuff, Perfect Daze,
Mad at the Sun, Soulside, Sink plus
gig reviews, films, comics, records


Definite Choice 1


Amersfoort 1986, international hc zine from the people
of LARM and friends,  an absolute monster - 60 pages of 
A4 reduced type: Skeezics, Rapt, Heresy,Sons of Ishamel,
Lod Warning, Straight Ahead, Nog Watt, Nikoteens,
Enola Gay, Royal Vomit, BTD, Death in Action,
Satanic Malfunctions, articles on straight edge
and the Red Brigades, tons of reviews.

Definite Choice 6

Amersfoort late 80s - Courage, CKN, Regiment,
Raped Teenagers, Means of Coercion,
Wind of Change, Jello Biafra, columns poems and lots more ________________________________________________

Defused 3

Cumbria 1979 -  from the brothers who
went on to be in Psycho Faction, Sean
went on to edit rock n reel, a large folk
music zine , anyway back to 79, an interview with Blitz
(no, different Blitz) a Penrith scene write up,
Anti -climax, gig reports of Buzzcocks / Ludus,
The Limps, some reviews and its over, classic.

Edition 5

Newcastle mid 80s -  the last edition of 'Edition' ? 
 inc Bone Orchard, Alternative, Joolz, Saigon, Lydia Lunch,
Mass of Black, Balaam and the Angel, Banshees,
Velvet Underground and much more

Enigma 4

1982 - Dartford  - rants and articles, This Bitter Lesson,
Rudimentary Peni, Blood and roses, Part 1 ,
poems, scribbles, contacts

Everything Went Black 1

  Belfast late 80's -  No Means No, Dr and the Crippens,
Bolt Thrower, Rectify, Implement, Instigators,
also a piece on the Warzone collective


Everything Went Black 2

Belfast late 80's  - Soulside, HDQ, Don’t Kill Sheep,
Therapy, Forthright, Steadfast, Prophecy of Doom,
Godorrhoea, Distorted Noise and Fugazi as well as
a load of reviews etc crammed into its 44 a5 pages.


Evilspeak 1
Birmingham  1986 - Sacrilege, Concrete Sox, Dirge ,
Fall of Because, Napalm Death

Fight Back 1

Rejected, Crass, Potential Threat, Corpse, Instigators,
Lost Cherees, Anarka and Poppy, Anarchism,
Flowers in the Dustbin, Conflict and more


Fight Back Zine

not to be confused with 'fight back' though both zines
came out of the north west around the same time .
inc Legion of Parasites, Uproar, Wretched,
Instigators, Mau Maus, Bloodlust, Criminal Justice,
Venom, Metallica, Deformed, Stupids, Terveet Kadet,
Sarcasm, Morbid Humour , Chaos UK, Rafgier, ________________________________________________

Final Curtain 6

Drongos for Europe, One Way System,
Chaotic Dischord, Riot Squad, Threats, Skroteez,
Mau Maus, Impaled, Total Control,
Fatal Conflict, Outcasts, Protest, Twisted Nerve,
D-Fekt, Violent Uprising


Final Curtain 9

1983 - Paralax, Deformed, The Sears, Criminal Justice,
Abductors, Lockjaw, Bastard Squad, Poison Idea,
Negative Earth, No Remorse
(no, not the nazi band! this one was from Newcastle)

Final curtain 11

1984 - Dirge, Red Brigade, Onslaught, Ivor the Anarchist
(comic strip that featured in quite a lot of zines of the time)
Post Mortem, Nottingham scene report, Death Zone,
Outrage, Daily Terror, Last Rights, Devoid, Scapegoats. ________________________________________________

Final Curtain 13

1985 - Lunatic Fringe, Seats of Piss, Picture Frame Seduction,
Sacrilege, Concrete Sox, a load of reviews too

Final Curtain 14

1986- Plain Wrap, Anihilated, Desecrators,
S.A.S, Ivor the Anarchist, Half Life, more..


Fresh Hate 2

 Bath mid 80s - Disturbance from Fear , Riot/Clone,
Reality Control, Assassins, Many Happy Returns ,
some angry rants and interesting writings ,
gig review from village hall hunt sab benefit



Future Now 1

Nottingham 1987 , MRR style columns, Depraved, BGK,
Skateboarding / Dave Ross . Notts round table, Head of David,
Holland scene report , tons of reviews ..

Gnarlimost 1

  Shropshire late 80's  - an epic at 64 pages, Heresy, Doom,
Loop, AC Temple, Mottek, Nomeansno, Bad Beach,
Boltthrower, God, Godflesh there's also 'lots of other stuff'

Grim Humour 10

at 118 pages A4 reduced type this is the fattest zine  on here , a beast !
  : Head of David, Big Black, Sonic Youth, the Damned, Flux, ATV,
 the Fall, Playground, Cyndi Lauper! Ausgang, Spizz, George Romero,
the Very Things, Bastard Kestrel, Perfect Daze, Scratch Acid,
Membranes, Clar Obscur, Coil, a look back through the gigs of 1986
and a ton  of reviews. serious stuff.

Guilty Face 1

Gateshead 1985 - Bannlyst, Terveet Kadet,
Septic Death, The Three Johns, Bloodlust, Onslaught ,
scene reports , reviews etc

Guilty Without Trial  1

Leicester mid 80s - Plasmid, Wretched, Impact, Sadist,
Paranoia, Deformed, D.O.S, Iconoclasts, Wartoys,
loads more - all crammed in

Guilty Without Trial  2

Leicester mid 80s : Actus Reus, Skum Dribblurzz,
Bristles, Onslaught, Dirge, Membranes,
Instigators, Mans Hate, Sarcasm and more!

Guilty Without Trial  3

Leicester mid 80s : No Brain Cells, Devastated, Legion of Lies,
Political Asylum, Post Mortem, Amebix, 'Sweden Calling' ,
Ivor the Anarchist , gig reviews and rants.

Guilty Without Trial 4

Leicester mid 80's : Chumbawamba, Zyklome A, Grout,
Crash Box, Lennizz Kitchenzz!!, Wretched,
Capital scum, Deathzone , Aftermath, hard to read reviews,
Garden of Delight, Stonehenge.

Hate and War 1

South Shields 82 -  Uproar,  Public Toys, Partisans, Blitz, Attak,
 collages and reviews and pics nicked from punk lives etc

Hate and War 2

South Shields 1982 -  Red Alert, Action Pact, Activist
interviewed  and info on Total Chaos, Riot Squad, Psycho Faction,
Undead, Straw Mats, Public Toys, Expelled and stuff
on Sunderland Youth CND
. ________________________________________________

Have A Good Laugh 7

Self Abuse, Icons, Red Brigade, Raped Teenagers,
External Menace, Anti-system, Uproar, gig / record /
tape reviews , opinionated as ever !


High Voltage  3

Upton on Severn 1986 - Decadence Within, Deviated Instinct,
The Next World, Ripcord, Snapping Bogseats,
Legion of Parasites and Reprisal, plus ads and reviews etc

Hit Ranking 16

Rubella Ballet, Youth in Asia, Omega Tribe, Ad Nauseum,
X-Cretas, Warning, Patrol, Impaled, Flux, Destructors,
Hagar the Womb, Four Minute Warning, Health Hazzard
, 3D Scream , Abbatoir, APF Brigade, Dirt ...


Hope 2

Newcastle - late 80's -  Hellbastard, Mortal Terror,
Encouraging the Challenge, Dirt, Deviated Instinct,
and a ton of articles and rants

Huddersfield Sucks 4

Slade, Donny Osmond er.. zine by Tez / Andy from
Xpozez / Instigators who did Retaliation distribution
- which like the zine had an international focus
 inc, Local News, Lepers, Sweden, Italy, Grimsby, New York,
Yugoslavia, Polski Punk and a load of reviews and stuff

Ika-Bod-Poo - The Kid From Outer Space -  3

Telford late 80's  - 'the Telford Chainsaw Massacre'  - Just Brilliant.

Infection 6

Leeds late 1986 -  this was the final issue, an interesting mix
of politics with noisy and not so noisy music in
some seriously indepth interviews with AYS,
Chumbawamba, Committee, Political Asylum
and the Shop Assistants

Eston 1985 : The Station, Bor squat gig , DIRT, Toxic Waste 
and various writings by sir Craig of Hornby 

IQ 32 - 1

Sunderland/ Liverpool -late 82: interviews with Toy Dolls,
Rudimentary Peni, Subhumans, Public Toys, report on U.S hardcore,
Dead Kennedys gig review and bits on Uproar, Anthrax
and Assassins of Hope, among others.


IQ 32 - 2

Liverpool -early 83: a lot of interviews here! - The System, Conflict,
Abrasive Wheels, Gaye Advert, Mayhem, Total Chaos,
 an article on native american indians , various short pieces
( on Antibody and Acid Attack) / rants , comics, charts
 and a couple of pages on the latest raging u.s thrash of the time. ________________________________________________

IQ 32 - 3

Liverpool - late 83: Anti System, Disorder, Skeptix,
Reality Control, Chaotic Dischord, Blood Robots,
Societies Vultures, loads of international hc stuff - U.S / Brazil
/ Finland , Motorhead live review. Stonehenge, 'Discharred' & more! ________________________________________________

Jamming!   11

London 1980 - Dead Kennedys, The Beat, The Shout ,
Zeitgeist, Swiss scene, Brum scene , reviews etc ,


The Joy of Propaganda 2

Telford 82  -  Psycho Faction, Ltd Talent ,  Sinyx,
cassette reviews , The Stuff, Snipers , Collages
(and bits cut out from making collages) and articles
Effigies (uk), Orinj n Yella Kurtin Raylz


Life Sentence 2

  Rhondda 1988 -  Doom, HDQ, The Fixtures, Heresy ,
Instigators, Rectify, Bad Beach, Yugoslavia Scene Report,
Recipes, Hellbastard, and a few pages of twisted visions
graphic by Andy C.


New Crimes 7

Southend 1983 -  Neale Harmer, The Animals Film ,
The Commitee , guide to Southend scene , zine reviews,
anarchy , apartheid, tape reviews,
Rebel Talkover, recipes , poems, article on rap music, 
you and the law ,  punk in Italy , Andy Martin article, more..


No Comment 1

Gateshead 1981- a small snapshot in time  from the 'Garage'
days  run by members of Total Chaos, Reptiles and Model Workers

No Comment 5

Gateshead.1981 / 82 -short and sweet, Gateshead Music
Collective, Total Chaos interview, Model Workers review
, poems  bits and pieces and a crossword !


Northern Spikes 2

Aberdeen 1983 - Lost Cherees, Twisted Nerve,
 3D Scream, Mutual Fear, UK Anarchists, Heretix BC,
bits on tapes, zines etc..

Northern Spikes 3

Aberdeen 1984 -  Kulturkampf, Acid Attack, Poppies,
Death in June , Youth in Asia , Bauhaus ,
reviews, and charts too!

One Way Ticket to Cubesville 1

  Liverpool late 80s  - Issue 1 ('puffin issue') has
Concrete Sox, HR from Bad Brains, Doom, Action
cut out figures of Rectify,
stuff on hare coursing among other things.

One Way Ticket to Cubesville 2

Liverpool late 80s  - Issue 2 ('meerkat issue') :
Kings of Oblivion, Victims Family, cut out action
figures of Doctor and the Crippens,
No Means No and more.

Ooer 2

Bradford 1988  - Karma Sutra, Generic, Amebix,
Civilised Society?, Didgeridoo, Eyes on You ,
Electro Hippies ,  Joyce McKinney Experience,
Metal Duck, gig reviews, Terry Turnip!

Over theRainbow 1

Liverpool late 80s  -  how often do you get SIEGE and
 Geoffrey Hayes from TV Show 'Rainbow' in the same publication ?? ,
also Hunt Sab and A.L.F stuff,  laurel and Hardy,
John Noakes, scouse wit ,  Sludge Confrontations (ex-NEOS) 


Paid in Full 1

Leamington Spa 1985  -  The Sears, Leukaemia, Exit/Stance,
Motorhead, Antisect, Toxic Shock

Paid in Full 2

Leamington Spa 1985 - Depraved, Instigators, Subhumans,
Anti-System, Varukers, DOA..

Peace of Mind 5

Preston /Leeds - late 80's
Articles on Anti-nazi, Green Consumerism, Cartoons,
Anarchy and the Real World,Poems, Comic Relief..

Phoenix from the Crypt 4

Liverpool '85  - Mellakka, Depression, Inferno,
Disattack, Metallica, Dirge, Seats of Piss,
 loads of  reviews with much scouse wit, R.I.P Pek.

Prisoner of Charity 1

Brigg, Humberside Spring '83 - Rudimentary Peni,
Assassins of Hope , Neale Harmer, Faction,
Ad Nauseum, The Filth, Warning ,
No Label, Riot/ Clone, record and tape reviews..

Prisoner of Charity 2

Brigg, Humberside late '83 - Legion of Parasites,
Kronstadt Uprising, 4 Minute Warning
Passion Killers, Hagar the Womb, Youth in Asia,
Black Death, The Sears, poems articles and reviews


Problem Child 1

Hayes, Middlesex 1984 - Onslaught, Stagnant Era,
Toy Dolls, Anihilated, XS, Naked, Post Mortem,
Shrapnel, Anathema, Ethix, Dead Mans Shadow,
Kulturkampf, Total Onslaught, Flux...

Problem Child 2

Hayes, Middlesex 1984/5 - Anti-Cimex, Asta Kask,
Xpozez, Hagar the Womb, Brainwash,
Political Asylum, more...


Protest  3

Newcastle 1983 - previously known as 'total protest' , 
interviews with  Instant  Agony, Reality Control,
Insane , Devoid, Antibody, Negative Earth,
Antisystem, State of Emergency ...

Protesting Children

Stockton on Tees 1982 - forgive me for the
bits I must have cut out to make some
collage or other, this was a great
inspiration through its look and content and
the duplicator print job! lots of rants and anger,
collages ,statements, poetry and  indepth
interviews with The Fall  and Poison Girls


Punk Shocker 1

Sacriston 1989 -  Punk as Duck! special
'vomit not vivisection' issue  - Disorder,
Debauchery, Rhetoric, Political Asylum,
Pete Pax and 'Boney M'

Radical Jobbie 1

Edinburgh mid 80's - loads of typing and cartoons
here ,sik o war interview, ivor the anarchist ,
snotty globule, Genesis P.orridge, tv guide and
old firm on the backpage
! ________________________________________________

Raising Hell 1

Leeds 1983 - special 'kill the cow' issue! Flux of Pink Indians,
Skeptix, Xtract and a load of record gig and zine reviews,
daft comics - brief 16 pager hinting at great things
to come , or something. - fookin hell
if i could only choose one zine that epitomises
it all it would be Raising Hell , totally diy,
punk as fuck and essential to the leeds
and beyond of the 80's.

Raising Hell 2

Leeds 1983 - a load of gig and tape reviews, letters,
comics and daft stuff - articles and interviews
w Chumbawamba, the Insane, ginger john ,
the effects of a one megaton bomb
on leeds, Bad Religion

Raising Hell 3

'oh shit its xmas' edition with Reality, A Heads, the  Fartz,
Icon A.D,  as well as reviews, gig reviews,
letters, more letters, lots of chaos

. ________________________________________________

Raising Hell 4

special 'boring layout ' issue - Disorder, Antisystem,
Skumdribblurzz, Stray Budgies, views, reviews,
fun, and added  'boring mindless drivel' 



Raising Hell 6

here you will find the Disorder interview continued,
Wheel, Suicide Visionary, Kulturkampf,
Pagan Idols, Famous Imposters,
Detonaters, Criminal Justice as well as the
bad drawings and letters and well,
you get the picture by now !

Leeds 1984 - summer special, good quality printing 
 - Crucifix, Xpozez, Wretched, The Fiend,
Subversion, Dan , Leeds squats and more surprises
in this fun filled package !

Raising Hell 7

Raising Hell 8

Leeds 1984 - Hassle Bastards, Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers ,
Death Zone , Italian punk report , local scene roundup ,
Leeds stop the city , Instigators, lots of reviews, letters...


Raising Hell 9

Leeds 1984/5 - Xmas special  with Toxic Reasons,
Chaos UK, Lenniz Kitchens,N.C.A.P ,
Black Ideals Italian scene report ,
 reviews, letters, cartoons and much more...

Raising Hell 10

Leeds 1985 - 'This issue sucks' edition 
Pandemonium,Upset Noise, 16 Guns,
Civilised Society, Verdun,
New Zealand report, local stuff,
reviews, cartoons, letters.. 

Raising Hell 11

Leeds 1985 - 'special 2nd birthday issue '
- Silent Community, Chumbawamba,
Negazione, plus stuff on greece,
Disturbance from Fear, local shit, letters,
reviews and an Incest Brothers shock
announcement. 20 pages a5.


Raising Hell 12

Leeds 1985 - special 'where's mi 'ammer' issue
, inc Criminal Justice, Antisystem, Angor Wat,
news reviews articles - hours of fun ! 

Raising Hell 13

Leeds 1986 - 'bumper easter special !'  inc Instigators,
Depraved, Anti-Dogmatikss, Lunatic Fringe,
articles , letters, reviews, info , crap cartoons,
crap photos and more

Leeds '86 - Political Asylum, Scream, Generic,
Liberty/Conflict, Ivor the Anarchist.
squatting in amsterdam, Poland report ,
plus loads of other stuff , letters, reviews etc


Raising Hell 15

'special bomb the whitehouse issue'
- BGK, Oi Polloi, Civilised Society,
AOA, Electro Hippies, Dan and
lots more, plus a free bus ticket! (not included)
sleeve art by pisshead

Raising Hell 16

special 'shit on a tory' issue -
Heibel, Kina, False Prophets,
Deviated Instinct, Carrots, Potatoes, Cabbage...

Raising Hell 17

special 'capitalists suck' issue - City Indians,
The Sect among its 32 pages of verbal vomit!

Raising Hell 18

Leeds 1988 - screaming snotbags!
its more punk than a drunken monk! 
Atavistic, Trottel, Neuroot, reviews ,
lots of letters, articles, skulls with mohicans,
people being sick.

Raising Hell  19

Front cover from Leeds punks picnic
which ended in a scrap with the old bill.
Toxic Ephex, Scraps, Christ on Parade, 40 pages! ________________________________________________

Raising Hell  20

special 'kiss a kopper' issue 
- inc Disturbed, Killdozer,
Pink Turds in Space , tall stories , articles ,
letters and more

Raising Hell  21

Leeds 1990 -  'as poll tax riots raged throughout the country'
Victims Family, Trottel, Industrial Suicide , Lee House squat,
a pic of punk angel! and a lively letters section too. ________________________________________________

Raising Hell  22

Leeds 1990 - Force Fed, Godorrhoea, Contropotere,
Keifernstrasse squat, WNC eviction,
Warzone centre and more


Raising Hell  23

Leeds 1991 - turned out to be the last issue .
 So Much Hate, Momido 7, QQRYQ, Anarcrust,
Hamburg. El Paso and squatting in Rome,
space punks and lots more  thrilling shit inc
the ouzo competition results!


Ripping Thrash 3

Burton on Trent 1988 - Negazione , Larm,
Atavistic,L'odi Social, 2227, Infezione ,
Feed Your Head , Alptraum gmbh,
Pax Vobiscum,  Rhetoric, more..


 ROT  3

Eastbourne Late 80's :   Culture Shock,
Concrete Sox, Nox Mortis, Deviated Instinct
plus chapter 1 of 'Anarchy Island' !


 ROT 4

Eastbourne Late 80's:  City Indians , Ripcord ,
Electro Hippies , articles ,reviews , a report on Stonehenge
1988 and the continuing story of Anarchy Island.

Scrobe  5

Anarcho punk zine from Cumbria - 
 - among the articles and poems and rants there are  interviews
with  A-Heads, Iconoclasts, A Touch of Hysteria...

Secular Humanism 1

Birmingham 1988 - never got printed, uploaded by author 2020 
better late than never!  - a real time capsule from those days,
 interviewed:  Larm, C.O.C, Doom, Ripcord, Gutrot, Hellbastard 
and Attitude, plus articles reviews and more


Shocking Pink 2

an early edition of the 'young womens magazine' ,
 a radical take on the girls magazine format back
then of fashion page, letters page, comic strips etc ________________________________________________

Skate Muties from the 5th Dimension  2

From sunny Bristol 1986 ?   how do you describe this?
All the chaos is here - ramp violence Special inc: Graphic LSD,
Simulated Skate Agression, rip Offs, Aidsfree naughties,
men in shorts, yo ho ho and a lot of fun ! oh and those bloody kids.

Bristol 1987ish - skate news, skate tricks , 'those bloody kids' ,
reviews , cheap bottom humour, lively letters page,
nude piggy back wrestling ...


 Skate Muties from the 5th Dimension  4

Bristol late 80s  -  top tips for crap skaters, readable reviews,
those bloody kids , gigs, local news, street comp fun day,
Devo, surfing, letters, Mr McGrunter, the slightly cuckoo skaters mate !


 Skate Muties from the 5th Dimension  6

Bristol 1987ish -  Bloated Opinions,
Schmuckness! Brain Danger!


 Skate Muties from the 5th Dimension  7

Bristolia 87 : 'Skateboards, Robots and Guns!

wot more do you want ? 'ludicrous scenester gossip column,
'the kids hate you ' top ten , sub cults, mountain biking ,
executions splatter, tricks,classified,
notts report , gis , records , mayhem .

 Skate Muties from the 5th Dimension 8

Brizzle 87 - the freakier aspects of tempory pop, whats fool
whats cool, tricks ,  gossip,  foreign travels, letters mocked,
punk rock facts ,  build your own street ramp , classifieds,
mutant fashion ..


 Skate Mutiesfrom the 5th Dimension  9

Bristol 1988 - 'suggested for mature readers' 
gossip, Kronstadt Club, quiz, 'britcore' , its a gig ! 
Sore Throat , gis dans la euro , Crucial Youth,
escape to new york , classifieds, post from the plebs ..


Skinhead Havoc 1

The adventures of Captain Chaos and the
Oi Wonder! genius, also Oi Polloi, The Filth..


Skinhead Havoc 2

'It's for 'erberts!' inc The Ancestors,
Yr Anhrefn,more Captain Chaos comics
and a Discharge interview!


Skinny Doggy 1

Glasgow late 80's - Maximum Security, Caustic Filth,
Civilised Society, Articles ,poems and reviews - ________________________________________________

Skull and Crossbones 3

Edinburgh late 80's - Maximum Security,
Disrupters, Depraved, State of Decay
and numerous articles, 'rock against mortarhate' !

Skull and Crossbones 8

Edinburgh late 80's - Active minds , Libido Boyz,
Raped Teenagers,Alan Knotts,
Captain Chaos comic too!

Smiling Faeces 1
Briton Ferry  early 80s - inc Destructors, Shrapnel,
Ginger John, Nick Toczek, Ethix  and 'slags bum' ,
gig reviews, comic strip, articles and homebrew reviews!

Smiling Faeces 3

Briton Ferry - mid 80s.  Disorder, The Fits, Wretched,
The Sears, Lunatic Fringe , Wartoys  and more ,
 the last (and 'turd') installment of the S.F trilogy

So What ? 4

Wessex 1981/2 - a window into the world of village
hall punk scene of the south west. apallingly printed
but  most enjoyable, Subhumans , Wild Youth,
Organised Chaos , Adam and the Ants(!) ,
Exit M. and various bits and pieces..

Stepping Out 1
Newcastle 1982-   16 A5 pages  Reality, Control, Blood Robots
 news on the walker music collective,'problem page' etc.

Stepping Out 2

Newcastle Oct 82 - even worse print job than issue one,
 Jet Set Danse,  Illegal Sane , Crass in Scotland,
 'eating meat is sick' centrespread, and er.. thats about it - ________________________________________________

Stepping Out 3

Newcastle Dec 82 - A4 size and 22 pages
local  interviews with bands Mannequin and the Natives
and poet Nod, plenty of articles, Dissidents ,
 Laurel and Hardy,  rants and poetry,
an interview with Capt Sensible and exclusive cartoon! ________________________________________________

Stepping Out 4

Newcastle 1983 - 32 pages. local band interviewed - Abductors,
Suspicions Confirmed and Nod pt2, also  Alternative,
Heretix BC,The System, Sex Gang Children, Durutti Column,
Alexei Sayle,  Malcom Mclaren interview too - no shit!
Hunt Sabbing report,Greenham Common, and the 'tuck charts'
' ________________________________________________

Stepping Out 5

Newcastle 1983 - 32 pages, proper printing,
ambitious multicolour layouts and reductions
still means you cant quite read all of it,
despite that it is still crammed full.  locals
interviewed: Freak Elecric, Illegal Sane
and the editors of Viz Comic, w/ exclusive artwork.
The Mob, Nico, Akimbo, plus articles, poems, drawings..


Still Dying 1

South Shields 1983 - UK Subs, Vice Squad and
locals Uproar, Reality Control, Negative Earth 
and Damage, pieces on Toy Dolls,
Abrasive Wheels, No Cover, The Wall and 
live reviews too..


Still Dying 2

South Shields 1983 -  The Fits, The System ,
Omega Tribe, Riot/Clone,Total Chaos, 3rd Party,
Xtract ,'just another punk band' section, 
live reviews and 'twottie' !


Still Dying 3

South Shields 1984 -  The Adicts, Channel 3,
External Menace , the 'just another punk
band' section in full flow, live and record
reviews and news.


Subvert 2

Keighley early 80's - Killing Joke, Girls at our Best,
New Model Army, Poison Girls..

Subvert 3

  Keighley  early 80's - Spizzles, Poison Girls,
Pere Ubu,Autopsia, Living Dead 
a happening letters page,
zine and rec reviews and more..


Subvert  5

Leeds 1983 -  Chris and Cosey, S.P.K, Psychic TV
- an indepth discussion with GPO and David Tibet

The Telfart Tribyoon  2

Telford  mid 80's  - Curse of Eve, Flowers in the Dustbin,
999, The Sears, The Mizrubul Bar Stewards and more..  
- I would love to see other editions of ikabodpoo
and the telfart tribyoonas well as more of the
music of the orinj n yella kurtan rayles!


Testament of Reality 8

Darlington 1983 - Deformed, Nick Toczek,
Infected, Stagnant Era, Xoset UK, Xtract,
Dan, Underdogs, Toy Dolls, Abductors,
The Fiend, and a load of gig reviews.


Testament of Reality 9

Darlington 1984 - inc The Dead, SkumDriblurrzz,
Dan, Mass of Black, Nick Toczek, Reality Control,
Political Asylum, Iconoclasts..

Testament of Reality 10

Darlington 1985 - inc Toxic Reasons, Evil Mothers ,
Phantoms of the Underground, Last rough Cause,
Negative Zone , Suicides, Pagan Idols, Tim C.O.R,
Incest Brothers , Stand 13, D and V


Time Bomb  1

Sunderland 1984  : Alternative, Political Asylum,
Blood Robots, Suicides, Kulturkampf, The Tempest,
skateboarding content, articles , poems etc


Time Bomb  2

Sunderland 1985 - Flowers in the Dustbin,
big Skating feature, Coolest Retards, New Blood,
Nexus, Last Rough Cause, Upright Citizens,
Hex, Generic , cartoons, bits and pieces


Time Bomb  3

Sunderland 1986 - Captial Scum, Disorder,
Legion of Parasites, Depraved , Stupids,
Electro Hippies, C.O.R records,
Eston skate report, and more!


Tirade 1

Glasgow mid 80's - Disruptive Influence,
AOA, Chumbawamba, Exit-Stance,
Culture Shock and articles, articles!


Total Beal 3

Aberdeen shire 1985 - 40 pages crammed
w/ the Abuse, Thomas Schmuck, Red Brigade,
bob beals pop yap page, Political Asylum,
lots of tabloid style expose' letters n reviews,
Societies Victims, Screaming Dead.....


Wasted Brains 1

Glasgow mid 80's - Civilised Society, State Control,
Danbert Nobacon, Exit /Stance..

Wasted Brains 3

Glasgow  1986ish  - 'dedicated to all fuckhead
narrow minded bastards all over the country
- you know who you are! 'Sic Boy Federation,
Dan, letters too, all in 12 a5 pages!


Wasted Brains 4

Glasgow 1988  - Conscience, Lost Cause, Nox Mortis,
Spermbirds, Karma Sutra and Def Jam gig review !

Yahoo!  6 / Jugular Vein 4

Glasgow 1985 -  The Abuse, Picture Frame Seduction,
Reality, Japanese report, Yugoslav report ,
Government Issue, Mau Maus, TMA.