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Monday, 14 November 2011

November 14th 2011 - Telford Special!

November 14th 2011- Telford special!

its been a while i know, personal / family issues and a relocation of the library but finally the wheels can start to turn again! so here we go, a comic, a zine and an LP, id previously posted 'joy of propaganda' zine from the same gene pool . would love to see other editions of ikabodpoo and the telfart tribyoon as well as more of the music of the orinj n yellakurtain rayles! a vinyl copy of 'shoot the hostage' would make my day, or even a scan of the cover. hats off to Jay wherever he may be, and to Sarah (Curse of Eve) !

IKABODPOO - THE KID FROM OUTER SPACE ISSUE 3 - 'the Telford Chainsaw Massacre'
Just Brilliant.

inc 999, The Sears, Curse of Eve, Flowers in the Dustbin, the Mizrubul Bar Stewards and more !


Here is the tracklist for v/a ‘SHOOT THE HOSTAGES’ LP (9 Danke records).
The LP has an oversized photocopied two piece sleeve stapled down the sides, with a couple of inserts.
I seem to recall one insert having a list of bands that were intended for the LP, then an insert with the new list of bands.
I also seem to recall the LP cutting out halfway through ‘we are the mysterons’ by Orinj & Yella Kurtain Raylz, and doesn’t have the last track on it at all.

1-Love & Romance by Limited Talent
2-CB Radio by Limited Talent
3-Flowers In The Garden by Limited Talent
4-Snail by Stomak Pumpz,
5-Traffic Lights by Stomak Pumpz
6-In Out In Out by Wa/ker
7-Spider Song by Wa/ker,
8-Seprate Laws by The Bored
9-My Mate Jack by The Bored
10-Schizoid by The Bored
11-Intelligent People by No Excuse,
12-Conflict by No Excuse
13-I Wish I had As Much Money As The Queen by Orinj & Yella Kurtain Raylz
14-We Are The Mysterons by Orinj & Yella Kurtain Raylz,
15-Man From The Garage by Orinj & Yella Kurtain Raylz.

I also read this information pertaining to this LP-how true it is I do not know, anyone shed some light on this?“It came about because a young teenager named Shaun Fisher from a local (Telford in the West MIdlands, UK) punk band called Orinj & Yella Kurtain Raylz died sniffing glue. His friends from other local punk bandsgot £1000 together with the help of the local council and put a tributealbum together in his memory, this all happened in or around about 1982. I’m not sure if any of the bands became signed or famous but this album obviously represents an insight into the un-sung punk scene of the time.”

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